Email Marketing This Memorial Day Weekend

Haven’t sent out your Memorial Day weekend email yet? Get to it!

Memorial Day weekend is a prime time for companies to kick off sales, promotions and offers! If you’re a retailer and you’re not taking advantage of this weekend, again, get to it!

Even though it’s Friday, it’s not too late.

Here are a couple of Memorial Day email marketing tips:

  1. Mention the timeliness of your email in your subject line. Phrases like “This weekend only!”, “48 hour sale” and other eye-catching phrases will help get your email opened and acted on.
  2. Add coupons to your emails. Give them something tangible so they can see that your sale is real! Use eye catching header images and more to get them to act.

Now stop wasting time reading this post, and get your email out.

If you’re lucky, your audience is still hanging out at work, refreshing their emails and waiting for Memorial Day weekend freedom!

Cheers and see you after the holiday weekend!


Get Your Email Into the Inbox, Every Time.

A major fear associated with email marketing is deliverability.

Many marketers don’t understand the ins and outs of deliverability and what actually triggers those pesky spam filters.

We want to help you get a better understanding.

Keep this list in mind when sending your next email, and we promise, you’ll make it into the inbox!

  1. Don’t send with an ALL CAPS subject line. Come on, that’s spammy. “Get this offer now”, is just as powerful as “GET THIS OFFER NOW!”
  2. Sloppy coding in your email. Extra characters, code showing through the mark-up, etc. can all cause spam triggers. Clean it up, people!
  3. Lots of hard bounces in your email list. If you are sending to a list with lots of hard bounces, some ESPs may think that is a purchased or incorrectly acquired list. Always make sure to check your lists before sending!
  4. Be careful with your language. Some words like “buy”, “buy now”, “income”, “earn $”, “cheap” etc. can trigger spam filters. But come on, you can be more creative than that!
  5. Missing unsubscribe link. You always need to give your list the power to opt out if they no longer want your content. Also, include your address and a link to your terms and conditions and privacy policy. Be cool!

There are a few other items that might trigger spam filters, but these are some of the most common.

Clean up those emails and make sure you’re getting into the inbox, every time!

Do You Have Send Fear?

Send fear.

Most people who use email marketing know the feeling. You’ve put together what you think is a wonderful email, you’ve uploaded your list, you’re ready to hit send, but wait…

You start second guessing yourself.

You start asking questions like:

Did I upload the right list?

Did I make sure I suppressed a list?

Does my CTA work?

Are my images going to show up for readers?

Email marketing anxiety. But you can avoid all of this! Here are a few tips on how to alleviate send fear.

  1. TEST! This seems simple but you always need to test your emails. Hit up Litmus to make sure your emails are going to look great in every browser.
  2. Before testing, make sure you set yourself up for success by using a mobile-ready template. You can have a designer/developer do this or you can head over to Campaign Monitor to check out their template builder.
  3. Double check your list. Hard bounces and spam alerts can really hurt you in the long run. Make sure you’re running your list through a tool like Briteverify before sending.
  4. Double check all of your links. Click on every single link in your email before sending. Nothing is more embarrassing than a broken link.

These are just a few ways to alleviate your email marketing send fear. Do your due diligence and keep sending out those kick ass emails.