Get Your Email Into the Inbox, Every Time.

A major fear associated with email marketing is deliverability.

Many marketers don’t understand the ins and outs of deliverability and what actually triggers those pesky spam filters.

We want to help you get a better understanding.

Keep this list in mind when sending your next email, and we promise, you’ll make it into the inbox!

  1. Don’t send with an ALL CAPS subject line. Come on, that’s spammy. “Get this offer now”, is just as powerful as “GET THIS OFFER NOW!”
  2. Sloppy coding in your email. Extra characters, code showing through the mark-up, etc. can all cause spam triggers. Clean it up, people!
  3. Lots of hard bounces in your email list. If you are sending to a list with lots of hard bounces, some ESPs may think that is a purchased or incorrectly acquired list. Always make sure to check your lists before sending!
  4. Be careful with your language. Some words like “buy”, “buy now”, “income”, “earn $”, “cheap” etc. can trigger spam filters. But come on, you can be more creative than that!
  5. Missing unsubscribe link. You always need to give your list the power to opt out if they no longer want your content. Also, include your address and a link to your terms and conditions and privacy policy. Be cool!

There are a few other items that might trigger spam filters, but these are some of the most common.

Clean up those emails and make sure you’re getting into the inbox, every time!

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