Email Marketing This Memorial Day Weekend

Haven’t sent out your Memorial Day weekend email yet? Get to it!

Memorial Day weekend is a prime time for companies to kick off sales, promotions and offers! If you’re a retailer and you’re not taking advantage of this weekend, again, get to it!

Even though it’s Friday, it’s not too late.

Here are a couple of Memorial Day email marketing tips:

  1. Mention the timeliness of your email in your subject line. Phrases like “This weekend only!”, “48 hour sale” and other eye-catching phrases will help get your email opened and acted on.
  2. Add coupons to your emails. Give them something tangible so they can see that your sale is real! Use eye catching header images and more to get them to act.

Now stop wasting time reading this post, and get your email out.

If you’re lucky, your audience is still hanging out at work, refreshing their emails and waiting for Memorial Day weekend freedom!

Cheers and see you after the holiday weekend!


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