Best Marketing Automation Resources

Just getting into marketing automation or need some tips to make your marketing automation better?

We’ve pulled together some of the best resources and blog posts on marketing automation for you.

We’ll start with the basics; what is marketing automation, and what should you look for in a new automation tool?

How Marketing Automation Stacks Up – Campaign Monitor

What is Marketing Automation? – Hubspot

The Definite Guide to Marketing Automation – Neil Patel

Now let’s go into some companies/examples you can learn from:

6 Clever Triggered Emails

3 Awesome Examples of Behavior Based Marketing

9 Inspiring Examples of B2C Marketing Automation

The Virgin Experience Marketing Automation Story

And finally, what are some quick tips and tricks to make your marketing automation awesome.

13 Email Workflows you Should be Using

Leveraging Email Automation for the Holidays

The Best Email Integrations to Enhance Your Campaigns

Happy learning! Now go out and make some kick-ass marketing automation workflows.



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