A/B Testing – Don’t Ever Stop Testing Your Emails.

A lot of people can get comfortable in their day to day email marketing.

Send a newsletter on the 1st of the month, send offers twice a month, send an email when there is a product announcement, etc.

They don’t put thought into how often, what they’re sending, what subject line they are using, etc.

They could be getting so much more out of their email marketing if they would just test.

Here are some things you should always be testing:

  1. Subject lines – get that open rate up! Be exciting, be daring, play around. “Announcement: X, Y, Z” doesn’t have to be your go-to.
  2. When you send – don’t send at 6am on a Monday just because you always have. Test the day and time you send to see when your audience is the most engaged.
  3. Format – image, content, CTA might work best, but it also might not. Change it up, see what people respond to.
  4. CTA – always use a button? is it always orange? Try switching it up. Maybe a blue button will spark interest, maybe green. TEST!

These are just a few things to start out testing. So stop doing the same ol’ thing in your email marketing, and start testing!

Want more info on how to test your email campaigns? Here are some great resources: