Email Marketing and Monthly Reporting

Reporting on email marketing can be tricky.

It’s hard to know exactly what you should care about. Do you report on open rate? CTR? leads generated? Well the answer is really all of the above.

Here’s why you should look at these email marketing KPIs and how you can improve your email marketing based on them:

  1. Open rate – For people to engage with your email marketing, you need them to open your email, duh! If your open rate is low, you should consider sprucing up your subject lines, testing who your emails come from, and checking your list to make sure this subject is relevant to the subscribers on that list.
  2. CTR – So you get people to open your email, but now what? You need them to engage somehow. A low CTR could mean that your CTA isn’t strong enough, or that your images/content don’t capture your audience’s attention. Consider testing all of the above to help improve your CTR.
  3. Leads generated – Were you asking your audience to sign-up for something or to give you their information in exchange for something else? Often times, email marketing is used to generate leads. If your lead rate is low, consider optimizing the landing page you are taking your list to, making sure the messaging in your email and on your landing page is cohesive and making sure you are offering enough in exchange for their information.
  4. Purchases – Is the goal of your email to get users to directly buy a product or service? Make sure you are tracking them all the way through the funnel by adding UTM parameters to your links or by integrating your email marketing software with your other systems – CRM, POS, etc. If purchases are low, find out which products people aren’t responding to. Maybe you need to segment your lists or do some more audience research.

Every monthly report should be an opportunity to better your email marketing and how you reach out to your lists.

Challenge yourself to dig a little deeper this month or next and really figure out what your email marketing KPIs are telling you.

Here are some additional resources to help you learn more about email marketing reporting: