Why Do So Many People Half A** Their Email Marketing?

We see it so often. Companies without a true email marketing strategy. Someone is owning email while also owning paid, maybe social, maybe 3 other things. They send email when someone tells them to, but there is no true strategy. They’re totally half-assing their email marketing.

Why? Because email marketing can easily be overlooked. If you aren’t already using email marketing with a very specific strategy, sometimes the benefits can be hard to see. Most people don’t realize that email marketing has proven over and over again to deliver a much higher ROI than most other marketing channels.

In fact, according to Campaign Monitor, email marketing shows a $38 return for every $1 spent.  Wowza!

So first things first, why are you using email marketing? This is the first step. Decide why and how you are going to use email marketing to support your business.

Are you using email to drive traffic? If so, you should be delivering emails to your list regularly. Promote content, promote pages on your site, entice people often to come to your site.

Are you using email to drive leads? Maybe lead gen is your main goal. Make sure you are using email to promote your webinars, any big meaty content pieces, quizzes, give-aways, etc.

Are you using email to directly impact sales? Maybe you’re a retailer and need to see a true return on every email sent. Make sure you’re communicating your sales, your new products, etc. often.

And through all of this, make sure you’re targeting the right part of your list. Sending every communication to every person on your list is not the way to go! That is classified as half-assing your email marketing.

Figure out your goal, and then figure out how to break apart your list for the best results.

Don’t promote a sale on women’s bikinis to all men, kids, and women on your list. Be smart, be targeted.

Stop half-assing your email. Figure out your goal. Figure out your targeting. Send better emails.